The Possum Tour

This is not a possum! Hunt with us the real thing...
This is not a possum! Hunt with us the real thing…

The Georgia Possum Tour has invited to play the following golf courses in the past:

  • Bears Best
  • Chatahoochee Golf Course
  • Chicopee Woods Golf Course
  • Country Land Golf Course
  • Pineisle Golf Course
  • River Pines Golf Course
  • Royal Lakes Golf & Country Club
  • Sugar Hill Golf Course
  • Fox Creek & The Legacy
  • RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes
  • West Pines Golf Course
  • Stone Mountain Golf Course
  • Steel Canyon Golf Course
  • The Heritage Golf Course
  • Rivermont Golf Course
  • Jakobsberg Golf Club (Germany)
  • West Rhine Golf Club (Germany)


This is a possum!
This is a possum!

The story of the possum

In a tournament in 2012 one of our players was shouting: I saw a bear, no a rat, no a bear with a rat tail.

After chasing the animal for quite a while we identified the mysterious animal as an opossum. Since then every year again players are having fun watching out for possums on their golf rounds.